Open-Wheels Motorsports Sanctioning announces staff hirings for 2020

Open-Wheels Motorsports Sanctioning announces staff hirings for 2020

Open-Wheels Motorsports Sanctioning
March 30, 2020 | 5:00 PM

EVANSVILLE (March 30, 2020) – As winter begins to give way to spring, Open-Wheels Motorsports Sanctioning is excited to shift our focus from the 2019 Open-Wheels 500 Mile Race to the 2020 edition of the World’s Greatest Sim Race.

To do that, Open-Wheels Motorsports Sanctioning has aligned the services of individuals highly-valued by OWMS leadership, veterans in the sim racing community, and moreover, staff members who have the interest in the growth of the Open-Wheels 500 Mile Race at heart.

Each of the following individuals have volunteered their time and services to Open-Wheels Motorsports Sanctioning with the intent to help grow the sport of open-wheel sim racing. They join president Tanner Watkins on the Open-Wheels Motorsports Sanctioning staff.

Carter McCue | Vice President of Administration and Competition
Riley Thompson| Director of Photography
Philip Watkins | Director of Technology Services

Each position listed is a voluntary, unpaid role. Furthermore, McCue will not be eligible to compete in the 2020 Open-Wheels 500 Mile Race by virtue of holding a competition position within the OWMS staff. All hirings are effective immediately.

“Today is an extremely important day for Open-Wheels Motorsports Sanctioning and the Open-Wheels 500 Mile Race,” said Tanner Watkins, the owner and editor of

“We believe that these announced hirings will help elevate the Open-Wheels 500 Mile Race to greater heights in 2020. Building on our groundbreaking inaugural running in 2019, I have no doubt that these individuals will help bolster the reputation of the Open-Wheels 500 – further establishing it as the premier 500-mile race in sim racing.”

McCue, hailing from California, is a longtime business parter with Watkins who has also served in support roles for’s IndyCar coverage. In 2019, McCue was a race steward for the inaugural Open-Wheels 500 Mile Race, and will return to that role again in 2020.

Thompson, raised in Tennessee, belongs to SIMMSA eSports and has built a respected reputation in sim racing photography since joining iRacing in 2015.

Watkins, reporting from Oregon, joined Watkins Motorsports Group as Director of Technology in 2016 to advise on various technical aspects of the team’s sim racing efforts. Watkins will continue in that capacity, adding Open-Wheels responsibilities as an advisory role.

Planning for the 2020 Open-Wheels 500 Mile Race is well underway, which will be held November 1-15, 2020. Individuals interested in learning more about the Open-Wheels 500 – regarding competition, sponsorship, or media inquiries – are to contact Tanner Watkins at

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