Thru Kaiser’s Visor becomes multi-faceted partner of Open-Wheels 500 Mile Race

Thru Kaiser’s Visor becomes multi-faceted partner of Open-Wheels 500 Mile Race

Open-Wheels Staff
August 2, 2019 | 10:00 AM

Today, Open-Wheels is proud to add the popular IndyCar newsletter Thru Kaiser’s Visor as the newest official partner to the 500 Mile Race. Thru Kaiser’s Visor joins the event as presenting sponsor for the nightly radio show Today at the 500 as well as the presenting sponsor for the commemorative milk bottle which will be awarded to the race winner.

“By adding a partner such as Phil Kaiser and involving his successful newsletter Thru Kaiser’s Visor, this is a tremendous opportunity for both parties to grow and expand their reach,” said Tanner Watkins, owner and editor of Open-Wheels and president of the 500 Mile Race.

“In the time that I have gotten to know Phil, I understand how passionate and committed he is to supporting open-wheel racing in the United States, and that comes in a variety of forms – including eSports! I am thankful that Phil took an interest in our event, and his support will make the race all the more appealing for our competitors and spectators.”

As part of the deal, Thru Kaiser’s Visor will become the presenting sponsor of Today at the 500, an online streaming show that will air during practice nights in the build-up to the 500-mile race on Sunday, November 17. Today at the 500 will be hosted by Watkins, and feature drivers competing in the event, guests from the racing community, sponsors, and more.

Furthermore, the winner of the 500 Mile Race will receive a commemorative milk bottle with the year’s race logo and the race winner’s name engraved into the glass. The milk bottle is part of a greater race winner’s package that will be announced as the summer continues.

“As a lifelong open-wheel fan (particularly of the Indianapolis 500), I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of Tanner’s new Open-Wheels 500 Mile Race, which I believe has the potential to become something race fans will look forward to passionately in the long off-season,” said Phil Kaiser, the owner of Thru Kaiser’s Visor

“I love his vision to recreate the traditions, pageantry, anticipation and competition of the original ‘500’ while bringing new race fans into the fold, and cannot wait to see how many racers enter it.  I look forward to spreading the word for Tanner in Thru Kaiser’s Visor every chance I get, and want to thank everyone else who has stepped up financially to help Tanner get this off the ground.”

Thru Kaiser’s Visor is a reputable and reliable source of news surrounding not only the NTT IndyCar Series, but also USAC and other tidbits honoring traditions of racing’s roots in America, as Phil explains.

Thru Kaiser’s Visor is an email newsletter I put out on Tuesdays and Thursdays dedicated to United States open-wheel racing – which I inherited from my good friend and longtime USAC observer Jon Noggle, who originally titled it Thru Noggle’s Goggles,” Kaiser explains.

“Unfortunately, Jon passed away suddenly in October of 2018 and his widow Vivian personally asked me if I would like to continue it in his memory.  It was humbling to be asked, I am honored to do so. It has been wonderful hearing from and getting to know readers from around the country while keeping them abreast of items related to open-wheel racing they might not get elsewhere. 

“I write an intro for it and then cut and paste various articles from sources like Tanner’s and others for each report.  I also include what we call “Alley Talk” at its end so fans can write in and get their opinions out in front of a large audience, as I now have more than 400 subscribers with many names from IndyCar and other open-wheel sources you would certainly recognize.”

Names such as Bobby Unser, Doug Boles, Robin Miller, Bob Jenkins, Dave Argabright, Jimmy Kite, Michael Young, Mike Hull and a whole host of others are subscribers to the online newsletter.

For anyone who is interested in receiving Thru Kaiser’s Visor to their e-mail inbox, simply send Phil an e-mail at and he will have you placed on the mailing list immediately!

The 500 Mile Race will be run for the first time in November, hosted on the popular iRacing Motorsport Simulations platform. The event will feature authentic two-day qualifications, dedicated media coverage, and all of the traditions found at the 500-mile race held on Memorial Day weekend.

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